Trackside 2.0

It seems fitting that for the year of 2020, we should revisit Trackside. Perhaps we could call it “Trackside 2020”. Perhaps we shouldn’t though, because this year has been an abomination for so many people. Should we wait until 2021? Perhaps not.

Why not simply, Trackside 2.0?

As has become the new norm, personal asides and stories will be found on my other blog, Beyond A Thousand Words (who comes up with these awful names, anyway?)

If you’re interested in stories “from the front lines” (of the war on train photography?) and other such personal nonsense, I’d suggest clicking over there. Instead, I’d like Trackside 2.0 to become a companion to my Flickr site, specifically the place to find information and background about locomotives, operators and even some more interesting trains.

Will I attempt to compete with the likes of Wikipedia in the level of depth of railway knowledge and know-how? Not a chance, it’s likely this won’t even come close. But hopefully it will inform as well as entertain, and also provide some much needed background to the hobby that I enjoy so much.

If you’re new to Trackside, then welcome. If you’re a reader from years past, then welcome to Trackside 2020. I mean 2.0. Oh bugger it.

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