Part Four – Tourists & Trams

Our final day in Melbourne was only to be a half day, due to an early start at work on the following day (for one of us, anyway…). With a 3pm flight booked from Melbourne to Sydney, we spent the morning in the CBD taking “normal” photos of the CBD and some of the trams clanking around the streets. The “touristy” type photos can be seen below, followed by the tram photos.

A couple of shots of the Melbourne CBD:

Melbourne is really big on cycling, with bike lanes radiating in and out of the CBD at every turn, and plenty of legitimate places to park. There is even a number of public “bicycle hire” stands around the city, to rent bicycles with which to see the city. Very much the opposite of Sydney, where the recent advent of bike lanes has been poorly planned and rushed out with little thought of location for ease of use for car users, bicycle users and pedestrians alike.

A couple of shots from the observation deck of the Eureka Tower – a far better view than Sydneys Centre-point Tower, as no buildings obscure the view of Melbourne this high up! This is a must visit for any Melbourne tourist. The second shot is looking through one of the fixed viewpoints – located around the observation deck, they focus the viewer specifically on a point of interest, and an information card about said point of interest is included for extra knowledge!

Of course, while walking around looking for trams, one cannot resist a train-shot if one presents itself:

Speaking of trams:


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