Trackside Update – Patrick PortLink

Very few railfans can resist the lure of the 49 class.

As promised in the July News, the updated Operators Page for Patrick PortLink has finally been finished and updated on the website. The old page had long since become out of date, and an update was sorely required. With the impending cessacion of PPL services in June of this year looming, I thought it would be a good time to replace the old page with a brand new one, although this then had to wait while PPL made their “last moves”. As the two 49 Class (4903 and 4906) were such a prominent part of Patrick PortLink operations in the Sydney metropolitan area, what time would be better to put up the 49 Class page under NSW Motive Power? To access the new pages, simply click on the links below. The Patrick PortLink page can be found under the “Operators” heading, to the right of the site, while the 49 class page can be found under “NSW Motive Power” – simply click on the tab at the top of the site, and then click on the link to the 49 class page.

Patrick PortLink Page

49 Class Page


One thought on “Trackside Update – Patrick PortLink

  1. These two little beauties are now back in service, new owner LVR, both heading to familiar grounds Moree next weekend! With 4204

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