(News to Me) Steam Returns to the Cockatoo Run

The Cockatoo Run (and more recently, The Illawarra Tree Top Flyer Train) is a heritage train run by 3801ltd most Sundays, and even Wednesday/Thursday during the week. The train runs from Sydney Terminal, down the Illawarra line to Unanderra before turning to go up the mountain to Robertson and on to Moss Vale. Normally regarded as a spectacular journey up the mountain, in recent years the train has been soley hauled by 3801ltd’s fleet of diesel locomotives (most often being lead by 4918, although 4501, 4833 and 4473 have also made appearances over the various days of operation).

3830 is an excellent example of the C38 Class, restored by The Powerhouse Museum
3830 is an excellent example of the popular C38 Class, restored and owned by The Powerhouse Museum

In special celebration of the “Springtime in Roberston” fair on Sunday October 5, 3801ltd and The Powerhouse Museum (PHM) have arranged for The Cockatoo Run to be hauled by The PHM’s own C38 Class locomotive, 3830. With 3801 still under repair at The New South Wales Rail Transport Museum (NSWRTM, Thirlmere), this is a unique opportunity to travel behind a 38 Class locomotive on a tour. Certainly an opportunity not to be missed!

As well as enjoying an excellent day out behind a magnificent locomotive, passengers are also treated to the excellent hospitality of 3801ltd staff, who do everything in their power to make every tour enjoyable, and to make sure the passengers are having a great day out. Visit the on-board buffet for anything from a snack to a light lunch, as well as visiting the on train souvenir shop to pick up a special reminder of your day out.

In addition to the thrill of the steam hauled ride up the mountain, upon arrival at Robertson, passengers have plenty of time to enjoy the sights and sounds of both The Robertson Spring Festival, there is also the heritage listed railway station, as well as nearby displays at the Fettler’s Shed Gallery and the Miniature Art Gallery.

To find out more about 3830 on The Cockatoo Run, visit the 3801ltd Website (located in the sidebar), and specifically the Cockatoo Run Website (links open in a new window/tab):


As a final note, those wishing to chase this unique event to get photos of the train, I would encourage you to make a donation to 3801ltd to help cover the costs associated with this tour – I’m sure many folks out there involved in preservation will understand when I say that a lot of work has been done by 3801ltd to get this tour going, and to provide an enjoyable day out for all involved (be they onboard, or trackside).


One thought on “(News to Me) Steam Returns to the Cockatoo Run

  1. 3801 ltd operating a fully booked train with a steamer up front during a huge single line possession…..they are just asking to be late!

    Although, im sure some buffs won’t mind the extra travel time on 3830…

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