(News to Me) Vanishing Acts and Flour Mills


HPC 402, from the Rail Motor Society at Paterson has been doing some radio trials around NSW for ARTC. Well, with the day off, I was not going to pass up an opportunity for a couple of photos of this rare working, and this was how I found myself at Bargo Station at 7:20am. It was while waiting for said railmotor to arrive that I realised that, not only was the perway siding (as seen in the photo to the right) removed, but also the emergency crossover. No trace of the points, nor the lever frames that once stood around the aged semaphore just north of the station.

Who knows how long the semaphores on this stretch of line have before they too come under the cutters torch and are replaced with shiny, modern LED signals? The moral of the story is, of course, to photograph these relics while you can – they are here one day and gone the next!


Of slightly better news to railfans, the new Mungo Scott/Allied Mills Flour Mill at Maldon is making great strides of progress towards a rail connection – going past today I noticed that the roadbed is prepared for ballasting and track laying. You can see clearly where the rails will go, as the whole area has been flattened in preparation. There is also an abundance of rail sitting alongside the corridor ready for installation. Seems before we know it we will be seeing more railway traffic to and from Maldon!


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