(News to me) Training Cars at Petersham

For those of you out there that do not read every single post on Railpage, you may or may not have heard about the movement outside Petersham on Saturday the 10th of May. While I was unable to attend, at the end of this post I will have some links to peoples photos who were able to stop by and witness a movement of a different kind.

At the Cityrail Training Center at Petersham, for a few years now two out of service “Tulloch” trailers were sitting outside, for emergency training purposes. They were on their own stretch of track, at a makeshift platform. Just last weekend, they were replaced with two out of service V-Set cars. This might not sound like a complicated or interesting movement, but the catch is – the tracks in the training center don’t connect to the mainline!

So, an interesting movement involving a pair of 48 class (one Pacific National – 48130 and the other was Railcorp 4819) and some jacks (and quite a few men in orange) was organized to first remove the “Tulloch” cars from the siding, and replace them with the two V-Set cars.

For some excellent photos of the movement, with some amazing detail in the recording, please take a look at some external sites – these are not part of Trackside, so drop me a line if the links are faulty!

Simon (biqua) has a mind bogglingly extensive gallery of the movement on his Fotopic.

Andrew (Bwana) also took some excellent photos, some of them even after the sun went down, found on his Fotopic.

Finally, Fred also has some excellent photos on his Flickr! worthy of a look!


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