(News to Me) QRNational to Botany?

I’m not sure how long they have been doing so, but this morning I photographed 42105 leading a trip train from Botany to Yennora. For quite a while, QRNational have run trains between Melbourne and Brisbane (with loading from Sydney being shunting on/off the train at Broadmeadow) as well as Sydney – Melbourne trains on days when the train from Brisbane does not run.

QRNational originally entered into a contract with CRT (Colin Rees Transport) at their Yennora depot in western Sydney, before buying out CRT and integrating it into the ever growing QRN company. While Patricks Portlink run multiple trip trains to/from Port Botany from the Yennora terminal, this was the first I had heard of QRNational running a similar service.

In fact, on P10 of May’s Railway Digest, there is an article on the planned P&O/QRN development of the Yennora site, with a domestic/international P&O intermodal shipping terminal, with frequent shuttle trains to and from Port Botany.

Certainly something to keep an eye on!

For those willing to get up early, QRN depart Botany Yard at about 0800 in the morning (Monday to Thursday), returning to Yennora around 1000 (due to peak hour curfew, they are unable to access the mainline until after peak hour is over). I have not noticed any change in the daily PPL shuttles between Yennora and Port Botany, this week hauled by CFCLA’s GM27 and GM22.


3 thoughts on “(News to Me) QRNational to Botany?

  1. Trent,
    Apparently it is in addition to the PPL service which remains unaffected.
    I believe it runs Mon-Thurs at the moment.

    Best wishes

  2. Ohh, right. That just shows how much QRN is growing, before we know it there will be Banana Benders everywhere!

    Now I just need a good reason for being late for school tomorrow.

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