Weekend Freight Part One – 2928

While it is true that on a weekend, there are far fewer in the way of freight trains to photograph. For this reason, a lot of people who have weekends off lament the lack of “interesting” things to take photos of (never mind the heritage trains that seem to always run on a weekend – a workday for myself). Hopefully I can shed a bit of light on some of the more interesting “regular” movements that occur on a Saturday and/or Sunday.

2928 is one such movement. At first glance, one might think “double NR class, what’s interesting about that”, and it’s true – most of the regular intermodal movements on a weekend are headed up by members of the NR Class, which are very boring to most enthusiasts as they are so commonplace.

I assure you, there are a number of redeeming factors here.

1. Location – The closest this train gets to Sydney is between Moss Vale and Unanderra. Those of you traveling by car will find it easy to follow the train down the mountain (although, finding a spot with good lighting might be a bit more of a challenge). The Moss Vale to Unanderra line is mostly single track, and provides some very scenic shots. Normally to get NR Class operating in such scenery, one must drive quite a ways north or south to where the mainlines go to single track…

2. Consist – While the NR Class may be very common, how often are they seen in charge of a rake of anything other than intermodal trains? 2928 is a limestone train made up of ex National Rail RHEH mineral hoppers. Although Pacific National have painted over all of the NRC diamonds, one can catch a glimpse if one is looking for it…

3. Accessibility – For those of you traveling via Cityrail, this train can be photographed at a couple of spots at Moss Vale, for example the station platform, as well as a level crossing a short, ten minute walk from the station, and an overpass on Bong Bong road, just a bit more of a walk away. When the train arrives in Unanderra, a shot can be gained from the overpass at the station with a minimum of fuss, or from the platform (although be wary of shadows).


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