Worlds Apart

In a last minute, unplanned maneuver (borrowing an idea coined by one Fred Sawyer), I visited Canterbury Station in the rain this morning, to catch up on the various locomotives assigned to the various trip trains, before moving to Central to catch a direct train from Central to Menangle to get some more photos of (among other things) steel and intermodal trains.

Made the following sightings at Canterbury:

  • 9:25 (PN) 8042 (?) NTAF fuel tankers* to (?)
  • 9:32 (PPL) GM27/GM22/44204** T176 containers to Botany
  • 9:43 (ARG) 3106/2202/2201 8982 flour to Nowra
  • 9:50 (SSRS) 442s3 T236 containers to Botany
  • 10:02 (PPL) 4906/4903 T182 containers to Botany
  • 10:18 (PN) 8258/8235/8231/8209 JU73 empty coal to Hunter Valley

With the rain beginning to set in, a change of scenery was called for, and the whole operation was uprooted to Menangle, where the rain was beginning to clear up. More sightings were made in what turned out to be a busy couple of hours on the Main South, started with a rather early running 2BM7 (If QRN keep this up, I might have to start getting to photospots BEFORE their trains are due, rather than an hour after…)


  • 12:25 (QRN) CLF4/CLF2 down 2BM7 intermodal to Melbourne
  • 13:01 (PN) NR72/NR52/NR89 up 1XW4 SteelLink to Wollongong (via Enfield)
  • 13:07 (Clink) down SP23 Canberra Xplorer
  • 13:44 (PN) 8101 up 2134 cement to Clyde
  • 13:58 (PN) NR49/NR20 down 3NY3 SteelLink to Whyalla.
  • 14:01 (PN) NR62/NR58 up 7PS6 intermodal to Chullora
  • 14:16 (PN) NR67/DL47/NR75 down 2BM4 intermodal to Melbourne

*This movement was a complete surprise!

** Unusual to see three locomotives on this service – normally only two.

Authors note: Apologies for the lack of photographs in this article, I have not even begun to process photos taken today, they are “on the pile” so to speak, hence the archive photo.


One thought on “Worlds Apart

  1. A saying you always used to use aganist me, ‘ some of us have to work!’


    hehehe ;-p

    Nicely played day I muct say, was an interesting morning for sighting (6 in an hour!) and glad to see you guys saw some stuff interesting stuff on the south too. Thing can be interesting if you mix them up a bit 🙂

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