Metropolitan Goods Line – January 2008

GM27 at Canterbury

When is the metropolitan goods line, in Sydney, even more interesting than on a normal day? During the January shutdown of the Main South Line which has occurred during the last two years for an extensive resleepering program, among other necessary maintenance. This results in all Sydney – Melbourne traffic that would normally run via the CLF4 at Dulwich HillMain South being diverted to run via The Illawarra line as far as Unanderra, where is then travels up the mountain to Moss Vale, before continuing it’s journey south. The obvious advantage for railfans, is that a number of shots are possible on the already busy Illawarra and Metropolitan Goods Line corridors. During the January shutdown of this year, I had the opportunity to go trackside on the Metro Goods Line, and was able to photograph some interesting movements!

Movements in bold are diverted trains.


  • 9:18am (PPL) GM27/GM22 T176 down Containers
  • 10:16am (ARG) 3109/2204 5982 down Flour
  • 10:19am (PN) 8256/8218/8223/8230 JU73/BB73 up Empty Coal

Dulwich Hill:

  • 10:44am (QRN) CLF4/CLP9/X53 5BM7 down Intermodal
  • 10:51am (SSRS) K206/D49 T236 down Containers
  • 10:58am (PPL) 4903/4906 T182 down Containers
  • 11:01am (QRN) CLF3/CLF7/CLF2 5MB7 up Intermodal
  • 11:08am (PN) 48130 up Light Engine


  • 11:54am (PN) 8172/8137 9132 up Stone
  • 11:58am (ARG) 3104/3102 up Container
  • 12:11pm (PN) 8166/48154 up Grain
  • 12:25pm (PN) 8253/8236/8239/8257 CB77 up Empty Coal
  • 12:31pm (PPL) EL61/EL53 up Container
  • 12:36pm (PN) 8208/GL104/GL107/GL111 CB96 down Coal
  • 12:39pm (PN) 8161/8126 1933 up Stone
  • 12:48pm (PN) NR80/NRxx/NR51 5MB4 up Intermodal
  • 1:03pm (PN) 48130 down XPT Trailers
  • 1:03pm (PPL) GM22/GM27 T177 up Containers
  • 1:35pm (SSRS) D49/K206 T226 up Containers
  • 1:36pm (QRN) G516/G534 6SM9 down Intermodal
  • 2:13pm (PN) 8126/8161 1933 down Stone
  • 2:37pm (PN) 8137/8172 9132 down Stone
  • 2:46pm (PN) 48119/48158 up Light Engine

4903 at Dulwich HillOverall, a very successful day despite the rain. My only regret is that it took me so long to get my report and my photos up (which I hope to finish off tonight. I’ve attached my favorites to this post, but there are others which can be found here).




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