Greetings Fellow Foamers (be you retired or active)!

Beware of Trains!

Welcome to my “new” home. I’ve had a personal blog on WordPress for quite a while, but never realised it would be more organized to have both my blogs on the one account.

I hope many of you will continue to follow my wacky adventures with a camera as I chase anything from a boring old XPT train in Sydney up to bizarre, citywide chases involving taxis, buses and trains to get photos of 3642!

Be warned, prepare more of the original rambling from the world of Raichase, only with a slightly neater format. Also, photos.

For those just joining us, I’m a young bloke who works a normal job (barista/coffee maker) during the day, but on my days off (sometimes few and far between, sometimes thick and fast) , I’ll happily spend hours at a time sitting by the side of the railway watching the trains go by. Sometimes I’ll even shoot them with my current camera, a Canon 400D DSLR.

Remember to click all links (they open into a new window/tab, so you don’t have to miss a second of my crazy antics), visit the other blogs I read (some of them are sorta good!), and feel free to view my photos on Flickr!

Follow my exploits, don’t hesitate to leave comments, and by all means, send beer!



4 thoughts on “Greetings Fellow Foamers (be you retired or active)!

  1. How is an XPT boring? More interesting than photographing a station nameboard, or some of the other things that some people photograph.

  2. Well, some people out there think XPT’s are boring. I’m a fan of them, I enjoy chasing them and photographing them, but folks that see them all the time get a bit sick of them, just like people get sick of NR’s, or Cityrail trains :).


  3. Like the blog. Very “clean” the header image is good but it’s a shame the writing doesn’t work well on it. I’m managing to wade my way through these articles but alas, they make little sense to me without an Atlas and knowledge of Australian motive power 🙂

  4. Thanks! You’re right about the header text, I was looking for a colour that would work (none do without clashing horribly), or an “outline” feature, but again, no joy…

    Thanks for the kind words though :).

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